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          Our approach to address the client’s concerns was to:

          • Design a custom pricing algorithm that could recommend rental rates based on customer history and requirements
          • Provide visualization using Tableau – the BI tool of preference for this application to gauge the impact of the pricing generated

          The integration of familiar UI of Salesforce.com (SFDC) and the easy-to-interpret visualizations of Tableau gave the sales reps the best of both worlds. This made the deal making process much faster, ef?cient and transparent without ever leaving SFDC.

          KEY BENEFITS

          • We offered a one-stop solution for deal creation, systematizing self-service analytics within the client organization
          • The Tableau-based solution provided the ability to expand current analytics beyond pricing group
          • It rendered a faster approval process, reduced email churn time and increased selling time
          • The feedback loop during the design & development of the custom solution eased change management
          • The robust solution helped in the evaluation of a contractual agreement with varying terms and conditions, across multiple geographies


          The solution handles pricing contracts worth $2 billion for our client. We were able to cut down the time taken for the end-to-end deal creation process by about 40% and improve rate compliance. This led to an incremental revenue gain of 2%.