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          The solution was broken down into two parts

          1. Customer Address validation/enrichment, a one-time exercise with periodic refresh
          2. Route optimization – tool/product that worked on top their existing TMS’s

          Tredence’s Sancus enabled address validation/enrichment and Route Optimization solution was built using the enhanced customer address data. Following additional approach was followed for ensuring high quality address data for effective consolidation and routing –

          • Validate and enrich high volumes of global customer data along with their respective addresses
          • Process addresses from over 20 countries across the globe with varying address formats
          • Process addresses in non-English text
          • The enriched data was fed as input to the AI/ML based Route Optimization solution to come up with optimal and cost-efficient routes

          KEY BENEFITS

          • The solution was able to enrich around 18% of the addresses in US and 23% of the addresses outside US
          • The solution was able to validate if a given customer business existed at the given location, using 3rd party services


          The solution helped?reduce transportation cost & improve the On-time Delivery adherence metrics. It helped with reduced errors in routing leading to an additional 1% Transport cost savings (~700-800K savings for US market only).